Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Video: Bahaa Sultan & Tuba "Enzel" / " بهاء سلطان و توبا " أنـــزل

The song simply says, come out, or come down. Calling on folks to protest on June 30th against the Egyptian president and his regime. This date is one year since he took over Egypt and it seems not a single day has passed by without the media and special interest groups make a controversy. I think they should be allowed to protest the president, and they should be civil in doing so.

Will this date be a day we read about massacres? I hope not. The producer behind this song is Nasr Mahrous a gifted producer, songwriter and musician. He happens to be a copt and has never spoke released a song against Mubarak. The lead singer is Baha Sultan, an amazing singer who is well-known in Egypt. He is Iraqi, but Egyptian.

I am just stating the obvious. They market the June 30th 2013, is the day when everything will get better, Egyptian will have their dignity back and they will take back the future of their kids. The chorus repeats, the Egyptian was never a coward. Mark my work, this song will drive a lot of young people to the streets.

There's a new lady who performs the duet and her name is Tuba, she is releasing this as her calling card. I like her voice and I have enjoyed the lyrics. I only wish this song will make Egypt a better place and a safer place. There's a weird dance beat that turns this patriotic song into a party. I am not sure, but do they call the government and the brotherhood liars? And Corrupt?  Seriously? This song is not about Egypt nomore, but it's about taking sides.

Bahaa Sultan & Tuba "Enzel" / " بهاء سلطان و توبا " أنـــزل


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