Tuesday, June 18, 2013

WATCH: The Moroccan Babe #منى_أمرشا - ويلي ويلي | Mona Amarsha - Weili Weili

Not sure where Mona Amarsha gets her money from, she for a young pop diva, she makes so many music videos. Too many of her peers are sitting him with no work, she does not have this problem. I can understand how much money she makes from private concerts in the Gulf where she has now called it a home for years.

This Moroccan lady knows how to earn her paycheck. I do not even, think her voice is that unique. She is a persona, and a pop character, as a voice she is near average. As for the music video I learn, that those youth in the Gulf spend so much time and money trying to be anybody but themselves.

She is gorgeous and she knows that. She has this Bollywood beauties look. Go to 2:37 and see the boob shot. She will tell you it's the director! Look, artists hire the director, and they can also fire him or her. Again Mona is goes back to school and be the trouble maker she comes across to be.  

#منى_أمرشا - ويلي ويلي | Mona Amarsha - Weili Weili


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