Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Non-Existing Saudi Princess Gives Pop Star Wissam Hilal A Fancy Ride!

Some Arab pop star who sings in English and likes cars, takes pictures inside some nice car. Next he knows at least two news stories about him, "Wissam Hilal Received A Car As A Gift From Saudi Princess" No, this is not a joke. But no, really he did not get a free car.

Wissam has posed those stories on his Facebook and it seems he is surprised by those fabricated and  Stupid and baseless non-news stories. I can understand that, it's a slow news day, and such websites make shit up. (Read here and here) The car you see in the picture is one of those car shows items. It's Nissan GTR 2013 .. It's does not belong to the artist and frankly he has yet to get his driving license in the United Arab Emirates where he is currently based.

Per his Facebook page

Seriously? It seems I was right when I kept my private stuff away from everyone because I kind of knew previously how people in this part of the world would think. This is a desperate attempt to ruin someone like me's image!
PS: I never met Marwa!!

The Syria native singer known for such funky and dancy hits "Single" is also celebrating a new MTV-nominated music video "Last Goodbye" I liken Wissam's style and choices to those of American music star Justin Timberlake. God knows they are both good looking, both sharply dressed and both make dazzling music.

Wissam Hilal - The Last Goodbye (Official Music Video)

P.S. This story follows another story where a handsome man from the UAE was expelled from the Saudi Kingdom (for being gorgeous) received a car as a gift from another Saudi princess.


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