Wednesday, June 5, 2013

DOWNLOAD: Wael Jassar New 2013 Album البوم وائل جسار - سنين قدام

The cooler that ice romance hit-maker, the man of the blues Wael Jassar has a new album out, and it has nine tracks. This is the album from this gifted Lebanese hit-maker whose fan base are far reaching. He is not the me, me star, but rather the kind that makes good music and come across as a down to earth guy.

He is also a coveted guest for TV shows and concerts, he is a big name that comes with little dram, virtually no gossips and no haters either. His formula is truly impressive, not too many entertainers can do it, but Wael has manged to capture the spotlight without trying too hard, and without stepping on his family.

While his songs tend to be sad and riven from the heart, some of his songs are about more about life and people. romance can be painful sometimes. He does have a song that orders the listener to be happy, so that's a start. He chose the Egyptian song for that track, and it's unlike something he made in the past. el, ths might be the first dance song from the man of blues himself.

He switches from Lebanese to Egyptian dialects and styles and no one notices the difference. Another great thing about him, the people who record music with him, seem to give him something interesting as you are never bored with any of the songs.

1- Nefsy A3trflk
2 - Ana Bnse7b
3 - 3la Ma Ansa
4- 3ozobya
5 - Ana Bytab3te
6 - Gbal Ma Bytla2o
7- Wya B3d
8 - Hare2 Damohm
9- Efra7

You can listen and download the album here
وائل جســار افرح wael jassar efra7 2013 HQ

wael jassar - 2ayam new 2013


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