Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ramy Ayach Revisits The Romantic Past رامي عياش - يا ريت بترضي ياريت

Rabee' Alkoholi quit the show business, but he has never stopped singing, now he sings at his church where he is a priest. Rabee was the golden boy of pop romance in the 1980s and he was wroth his weight gold. Then all of a sudden he wanted to do something more. He cold the music business cold and joined a perish.

Many of Rabee's friends continue to visit with him at the church where he serves. Among them pop star Ramy Ayach who credits Rabee for helping him through some personal struggle. But now during his new year concert on LBC1 Ramy Ayach performed one of the most beloved classics by Rabee.

Ramy dedicated the song to his new fiance and the net took the song and ran with it. It's hard to come close to the original song, but Ramy has given it his best shot. Yarait Ebterdhi Yarait, I hope she would say yes! is how the song would be titled in English. a romantic song with a dreamy melody, I grew up listening to it. I think one of the reasons Ramy Ayach started his career because he had that shade of romance, very similar to those songs by Rabee.

This is a throwback to one of the most beloved love songs, a guy can perfrom.
LBCI - NYE - Ramy Ayach رامي عياش - يا ريت بترضي ياريت

Yarait Ebterdhi Yarait - Rabee' Alkoholi ربيع الخولي - ياريت بترضي


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