Friday, June 28, 2013

WATCH: Maher Zain (Gets High) - Ramadan | English | Official Music Video

Ramadan is more than ten days away and the second most famous Muslim entertainer (singer who does Islamic themed songs) is releasing a music video for the happy occasion. You will find kids, families and joy all over the place. If you are a kid you would believe that people wish Ramadan was year round. But this is what the song is all about.

I like the colors and the cinematography, its a pretty cool music video. Note, how folks are waving to Maher Zain and he is waving back to them all the way from his balloon. Yes, he is the crescent of Ramadan indeed. He arrival is the arrival of the holy month observed by Muslims.

I like the valley where the filmed this upbeat music video. Maher Zain is the coolest guy on earth, he takes a balloon to go have meal with a group of folks who are expecting to break their fast with him. Dude, the images of the meal make me wish Ramadan was year-round too. Note the prayer scene.

Maher Zain - Ramadan | English | Official Music Video


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