Thursday, June 27, 2013

WATCH: Tamarad KFC Amr katamesh #Egypt عمرو قطامش-تمرد-غناء شادي عبد السلام ورنا عتيق

The fat street poet from Egypt who won Arabs Got Talent is back with yet another political song/poem/skit.
Amr Katamesh is his name and he wants to see change, he wants people to rebel as if rebellion will be peaceful. He is calling on people to take on the streets and dedicates the song to one of his friends who was murdered.

He says he chose to be silent for stability. I do not recall him being silent, they have protests and strikes every day of the year under the new president. Plus what's a guy who did a commercial for KFC Kentucky fried chicken chicken got to do with political analysis?

His humor mixed with rage tell me his overstayed his welcome! I am sure he has fans out there, but most people have no idea who this kid. He does involve a number of young people with him in this project calling for rebellion. Again I am certain those tax dodging TV networks would love to promote such work. I do like the victimization card feel the song has.

I do not know if these people know how democracy work, you do not have to like who wins, you wait for the next elections and hope for a change. I think Egypt is sick of know it all young activists who seem to change their minds every five seconds. I think people now more than ever want a country that runs smoothly.

Tamarad Amr katameshعمرو قطامش-تمرد-غناء شادي عبد السلام ورنا عتيق


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