Friday, June 28, 2013

#Egypt This Funny Video By Wael Amer وائل عامر - قررت اكون اخوانى - بعد خطاب مرسى

You can laugh at this satire music video by the oddball Wael Amer. The young idealist indie artist who called for a revolution and he comes back to call for yet another one. Wael has been a popular figure among young Egyptians who hate authority and like to stir trouble.

I think in all honesty as a song and music, this is Wael's finest song to date. It's so fresh so cool and so hilarious at the time time. I know I disagree with his approach, but I like the music and the  song will give you a laugh. It's a farce on the Muslim Brotherhood, he is no fan and he asks people not to believe a word they say. "I decided to murder people and play victim" "I decided to humiliate Muslims and Christians and show Jews some love"

But he says, I decided to be one of them, due to the mess of things in Egypt. He took the president Morsi speech and made is a prop for his song. He uses the names of the Muslim Brotherhood and mocks at least six of their leaders by using their names as puns.

He also incorporates few Egyptian classics and turns them form their original purpose to mock the Islamic parties and the regime. Of course he uses slang and urges people to go down to the streets on June 30th and bring this to an end. As for the music and the mix, this is such a good job for Wael on the artistic side, he sang it and he arranged the music.  The lyrics are for Mina Majdy--a Christian name whose song is attacking the brotherhood that might not go very well with some people.

وائل عامر - قررت اكون اخوانى - بعد خطاب مرسى 26-6-2013


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