Sunday, June 23, 2013

WATCH: Amr El Meligy & Razan - Breaking Me Down

I guess, Arabic pop is bankrupt and out of idea, so they turn into doing pop songs in English. I have no idea if this song is appealing or catchy to non-Arabs, but it has the beat and you may dance away the night. But this time you get to see Razan, the Lebanese entertainer who suffered a scandal two years ago. I think, it's getting harder to be noticed in Arabic songs, so English songs are trending--thanks to Facebook and Twitter.

She is trying to remind us of how much of a good girl she really is. She is a good person with good morale character, but when it comes to music all bests are off. Sure, she had to go shopping at some weird places for those outfits in the music video. This is an electric dance song popular in Euro style clubs.

Do not know much about the other guy with her--he is the main performer according to the label. Amer El Meligy is Egyptian who was born in Nice France and Razan spends a great deal of her time over there. Amer used to be a member of a boy band years ago. His first official Arabic single came in 2012. With Razan, they put together this song that young people will cheer for.

It was worth the listen.

Amr El Meligy & Razan - Breaking Me Down


  1. Considering the political turmoil in the ME, you can't exactly blame singers for thinking the grass looks mighty green on the English-speaking side of the fence. If you can establish yourself in the English-speaking market, right or wrong, it is practically a guarantee of worldwide recognition. Europe isn't quite as xenophobic, but Americans don't traditionally support non-English-singing artists beyond of the occasional novelty hit, and language-wise, Arabic is a particularly tough sell in the US (being so unfamiliar sounding and by reputation, very difficult to learn). If you are hoping to break into the US market, English is the way to go.