Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mohammed Assaf Libyan And Algerian Song On Arab Idol محمد عساف - نخي يام قصاص طويلة + وهران رحتي خسارة

He sang in Egyptian, Lebanese, Palestinian, Gulf dialects but not until this week has the Arab Idol contender has sang in A Libyan or Algerian dialect. The ever-charming, Palestinian wonder boy is sealing the title each time he performs. He is the golden boy and the judges and viewers seem to know he is the next title winner.

This way he has sang for pretty much every Arabic major dialect, and this is great news for him, I think more votes will be coming in from him from that part of Arabia, he was ready with a cover of a beloved and well known Algerian song, and he topped it with a little known Libyan song--it must be a big deal in Libya.

He came a long way from being a Gaza boy to showering the Arab World with songs that captures their attention. I do not think there is any one who follows the show that hate him. He has no haters it seems, and even people from places with Arab Idol participants can see him as the next big thing. Again, they may want their home singer to win, but they know that Assaf is their second choice, if not the first.

See him answer a fan question and smile his way as he performs some new songs to him that will advance his career.

محمد عساف - نخي يام قصاص طويلة + وهران رحتي خسارة


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