Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dalal Abu Amneh, The Other Idol (And Doctor) From Palestine!


Dalal Abu Amneh makes good music under the radar. I think good music should always be in the front.  I obtained a copy of her 2012 album and since then I am unable to put this thing down. I keep playing her songs over and over again. At the gym, I play them, as I walk to and from work I play them. And when I want to relax I go to them and let the warmth out.

She got into the singing and her name made it out there when she sang the classical Umm Kolthoum songs. Her first original song "ana albi wrohi fadak" (I gift you my heart and soul) (Lyrics: Dr. Anan Abbasi, Composition: Alaa' Azzam) I tell you what, this song is my new drug! The way she performs this song tells me this is the song that only she can deliver in such passion.

This is how addictive the voice of Dalal Abu Amneh is. She is a star that comes from a different breed. The nostalgic kind. Those are the songs form memories you wish one day you will have. Her songs are treasured to people like your parents, but to you, she is all classy and full-blown dreamy. She produced her own album giving her much control and it was a smart move giving how the album turned out.

She sings about love, Palestine, her village, the hills, the water spring and the old times. She also does a timeless folklore song. This is the kind of music, people who do not speak Arabic appreciate and those who do speak seek. What I appreciate the most about her is her ability to walk the very fine line between classical diva rate songs without being elitist or disconnected.

Her voice is accessible and her style is made for the masses who want to listen. When you play one of her records, you are already elevated into a higher place. I only wish more people out there would get to experience her voice and learn her compelling story. I find myself telling people around Washington DC about Dalal. Look, we have a lady who sings like an angel but also excels in her pursuit of knowledge. As a follow Palestinian, I am proud of her and the things she was able to do with her life. I know I look forward to what she will do next.

The good news, she is young and she is already great. How much more can she do? That's up to her, she travels the world doing songs for Palestine but she always returns to the sea and the land. She is so proud of the land, that she makes me want to visit one day the land that taught her such love. I wish, I can tell you how attached I am to her sole album, and wish if she could do more.

I know she is excited about the Arab Idol winner Mohammad Assaf, she told of how proud she was (along with her community in Nazareth) of feeling part of something Big. Dalal is a big deal for her fans, and even those who may not know her by name, have heard a song of two of hers and those songs live with them. In a way, the Palestinians have always had an idol, that was Dalal. She is a source of pride of her native city inside traditional Palestine. I would recommend her voice for those in search for a thereby, her voice will awaken the peace inside each listener.

She is not just a fine singer, she also holds a PhD in Neuroscience in the faculty of Medicine at Technion. She is authentic, proofing that she can do it all, have a great career and strive for the best education and have a family too--she is a loving mother. Now, I hope to see her travel to the United States again on tour, I know she will sell venues and earn new fans. She did realize her incredible covers of classical Arabic songs are timeless, she wanted to be great on her own turf. And she was able to illustrate this with her 2012 album.

This makes me hope and pray those two would collaborate on a song that brings the best in Palestine, a song that has Dalal's grace and class, and Assaf's charm and popularity. Make it about Palestine but vague like Dalal has always done. She gives every listener a message that fits their politics and personality. She is that comfortable voice that draws you in and keeps you wanting more. If you doubt my statement, feel free to take my challenge and play her song  "Ruba Al Carmel" I think Dalal Abu Amneh should perform inside the US congress, she alone will sway their minds and hearts with her soul-touching performances.

Here's something to think about, her live performances are so real, her debut album captures that experience and makes you think you are sitting in some theater enjoying the lyrics and music Dalalh Abu Amneh weaved together. While her music shows the Palestinians sophistication, her looks remind us of the Palestinian good looks.

دلال ابو امنة -البوم عن بلدي

دلال ابو امنة | انا قلبي وروحي فداك www.ehna.tv

Dalal Abu Amneh - La Inta Habibi (Cover / Fairouz)


  1. the whole world and specially the arab governments and rulers tried and still trying to kill and destroy the palastinian spirits and culture ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,for all those people i say,,,you will never ever succeed ,,we are alive and proud people ,,we shall remain for ever and you will be in the history dumps,,,

  2. Hey. She's going to represent Palestine in the ABU Radio Song Festival 2015 that will be held in Yangon, Myanmar.
    You can watch her live performance here: