Thursday, June 20, 2013

Video: Fadel Shaker Threatens To Murder Nasrallah and The Mayor of Saida

He might have lost his mind, but he will stop at nothing to retrieve back his valuables which he says were stole by some thugs who belong to certain political parties in Lebanon. He called them names, pigs, dogs and such. And said it more than once, I will murder you! You are a target to me! Yes, that's a direct threat to you Mr. Mayor.

Amon his gems, I will murder Hassan Nasrallah too. Referring to the leader of Hizballah. He also said, he promised his sheikh, not to do anything right now, but he won't wait for long. He said, that these guys attacked us with mortars and various kinds of weapons.

He seems to be angry and like he was consulting with the devil. Here's what I do not get, he has a villa where he has jewelries and cash worth for a million dollar.  Fadel Shaker is stupid to pick a fight, and making this a big deal turning this into the Sunni-Shi'ite tragedy.

رسالة من الحاج فضل شاكر لحزب الشيطان و مليشياته في صيدا , لبنان


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