Monday, June 24, 2013

Listen: Carmen Soliman - Magnon - Rasmy / كارمن سليمان - مجنون رسمى

She is the original Arab Idol, she won the first season and she was awesome. She has a new single out and it's pretty much what you think Carmen would sound like. Carmen Soliman is the 18 years old girl who rocked the show with her charm and spunky presence.

She was in the Arab Idol in the final show as Mohammad Assaf took home the title. She comes from a good home, a good student and someone who promises to be a young Egyptian Nancy Ajram. She has so many fans out there, and she is releasing a new album in August.

This would be her first album, and so far she has a released a bout four singles and they hit the mark. She also starred in a music video all on her own, and did a song with the other two other contestant in the Arab Idol first season. Egypt loves her and so does the rest of Arabia who swoon over the chemstiry she has with her parents. MBC group also likes this young woman.

CarmenSoliman - Magnon - Rasmy / كارمن سليمان - مجنون رسمى


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