Tuesday, June 25, 2013

WATCH: Amal Maher #Egypt Song اغنية امال ماهر - انتباه | اغنية مسلسل الداعية

Ramadan is two weeks ago, and the songs for the TV dramas are hitting the airwaves really hard. Amal Maher is one of those busy artist who do not have trouble looking for work. She is doing the open credit song for what's being dubbed one of the best TV dramas made in Egypt in some time.

The song opens with a song about Egypt, protest and revolution, sounds familiar? I think the problem is not the lack of people with principles. But rather, that everyone who likes Egypt thinks he is the only one who feels this way. The drama is about an Egyptian preacher who has a huge base.

I like the song from Amal, her last two songs for about Egypt and two other songs were wedding songs recorded for two big weddings in Saudi Arabia.

 اغنية امال ماهر - انتباه | اغنية مسلسل الداعية

اغنية امال ماهر - انتباه | اغنية مسلسل الداعية


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