Tuesday, June 11, 2013

WATCH: Hamaki 2013- Min Alby Baghany / حماقي - من قلبي بغني

He is a cool pop singer for starter.

But he also sang for the abusing King of Bahrain, he has turned his career into selling coke by doing  ads for them. I do not blame him, he has a family to feed now. But all of that does not change the fact of how much we love Hamaki, the fresh prince of Egyptian pop/electronic.

He talked so much about his new music video where he promised to act for the first time, not just sing along. He films and shots his music videos in London now, and he is back with the dapper look all suites means business. I like the beat, but note how Coca Cola gets the bulk of the music video. He is going Mad Men on us. This was his hit song and he hired the right model for the song driving around and schmoozing in bars and lounges.

He tries to portray a love story. That means he might turn to TV and movies. I give him that, the beat for this song is a club and dance materiel. Acting is not staring into the camera, it's so much more. Enjoy the hippie party segment.

Hamaki - Min Alby Baghany / حماقي - من قلبي بغني


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