Friday, June 28, 2013

WATCH: Assi El Hallani (Aka Beef Cake) In Arab Idol Extra 2013 عاصي الحلاني في برنامج

I know ladies refuse to age, but one male Lebanese star shares that with them. Assi El Hallani brought down the house in Beirut as they closed the Arab Idol Second season and bestowed the best honor on the entertaining Arab star Mohammad Assaf.

Assi performed with the artists on the stage, he had people dance and it was a riot inside the studios. He had so much energy and brought so much excitement. I do note how much he stressed that this is an Arab celebration not just for one country--I think one he was told to that and two this is how he always speaks.

Now, I do not know how old he is I would say mid forties, but he does not look it no more, he seems buff as he spends a great deal of his time working out--the dude owns a restaurant. He handed the trophy to Mohammad Assaf and spend some time hanging out with him on the stage and off it.

Assi is the sort of guy that grown men like, younger folks may not know why he maters, but he was a pop pioneer in the nineties. For better or worse, I think the show wanted to end its season with a riot, Assi gave them just that and then some.

Assi El Hallani In Arab Idol Extra 2013 عاصي الحلاني في برنامج


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