Friday, June 7, 2013

WATCH: 2013 New Video Myriam Fares Kifak Enta - ميريام فارس كيفك إنت

The number one dancing Lebanese pop star let is all be seen with her most recent music video filmed on the roof of some Beirut apartment. It feels like a nostalgic music video form the sixties where women and men had different concepts for fashion and styles.

To be fair, this is a wonderful song, and a good music video. Why did they have to make it like a meat market though is the question. She is shaking her money maker and has help this time, and makeover works well for her and the Lebanese melody is clear.

This plays like a theater group, the makeup, the color mixing, and style designers will be in this business for some time. The song is no doubt classy, and feels like a throwback to the beloved Lebanese oldies who love so much. This song has a lasting affects, and feels like something old yet so fresh.

The last outfit seems like a creep fest please note the perfume endorsement. It's clear that Myriam Fares is facing a lot of competition so she had to work harder and smarter to stick out, and she did. In the past she had to worry about four other pop divas, now she has like a dozen who do similar styles, among them some ladies who can really entertain. 

Myriam Fares Kifak Enta - ميريام فارس كيفك إنت


  1. Those clothes she wore? The bright ones yellow vest and pinkish red trousers where they from? :) I love this song! Thanks

  2. What is the name of the guy singer ????