Tuesday, June 25, 2013

WATCH: Ladies, Assaf Is Available And So Is Ahmed Gamal #ArabIdol

The two dudes who came to be the finalist on the Arab Idol program sat down for an interview with Mona Al Shazly. They sang and talked. The highlight both are available, both were in relationship in the past, that relationship is over. And the kicker Ahmed Gamal was in a relationship with a Palestinian girl.

They broke up due to the different customs and being from a different country. It's not meant to be, and the distance drove them apart. Assaf also was in a relationship but not anymore. These two guys are best of friends and seem to be the real deal.

Assaf talked about jumping over a fence to get to the audition in Cairo. Assaf sang a mellow (tarab) song, Mawal style and an Egyptian song that most folks know. Both Gamal and Assaf seemed to be happy to have more time since he has been locked up in Beirut for more than three months

منى الشاذلي لـ أحمد جمال و محمد عساف " انت مرتبط ؟ " فشاهد بماذا ردوا في #جملة_مفيدة


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