Monday, June 24, 2013

WATCH: Assala - " Rohi Wa5dani " Video Clip " / آصالة " روحي واخداني " فيديو كليب

Not sure if romance is on many minds right now. Those in the Middle East right now are either confused, shocked or scared for what they see on TV. But nevertheless, Syrian diva Asalah has a new dreamy music video where natures take center stage.

It's a good song, she released about a year ago, and now she is making her music video. I like how personal the music video is and how Asala is the sole star. I am a sucker for nature and this is a good selling point. Asalah does her thing with her hand gestures--yes, they have been mocked in the past.

I love the parrot, and the red dress, the clear water is also out of this world. Asalah never ages and always seems t have so much energy. The clip was shot in between Cairo and Cyprus. Her husband Tarik Al Arian directed it. She nailed it and again she is back on top. Great music video really, and hope it gets the attention it has worked to earn.

 Assala - " Rohi Wa5dani " Video Clip "Exclusive " / ( آصالة " روحي واخداني " فيديو كليب (حصري


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