Friday, June 21, 2013

WATCH: Arab Idol 2013 Final Trio Song كليب كل يوم بنعيشه - احمد جمال و محمد عساف و فرح يوسف

They are the cream of the crop, they last standing three, the finalists of Arab Idol, and tonight it all ends. Tonight we find out who will take home the title. Will the title go to Palestine, Egytpt or Syria? Will another girl take the title? Will another Egyptian bring it home? Will this be an upset from Palestine?

All will be revealed tonight. Not before, we get a song from the trio, just like they did last year. The music video is a giant advertisement for American car Chevy! This company sells so many cars, already, but why stop there? Sell Samsung phones and cool sunglasses. The producers drove the finalists to the beach and to a local palace and filmed this music video.

A mellow song about life and living. Not the finest song by the trio, it's an OK song that in my opinion fails to bring their best attributes. Yes, it's a dreamy song and has a lot of cars, do girls give so much attention to those beasts. Assaf is looking dapper, Jamal has his cute boy and tangling eyes. And Farah is a classy diva already. I think she puts the finest performance among the three.

I like the celebrity red carpet and paparazzi. The lyrics are of an Egyptian lyricists, and the music for one of Lebanon's most original composers.    

كليب طريق جديدة - أحمد جمال و محمد عساف و فرح يوسف

كليب كل يوم بنعيشه - احمد جمال و محمد عساف و فرح يوسف | كامل


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