Friday, June 14, 2013

Legend Abdel Halim Hafiz Work His Crowd

The first Egyptian crowd pleaser in my book would always be Abdel Halim Hafiz. Not only was he a great singer and a pioneer for that era, he understood something his contemporaries overlooked. See, most legends of that era, they had prestige. That means they would not engage the audience, they would applaud them and the star would bow to them--just about it.

Comes Abdel Halim, he actually talked to the fans, engaged them, asked them to put their hands together for his band for for the great moment. His stature allowed him to do more than that. He was singing to his peers not subordinates  I love that about him now, but at his time, many dismissed him for how he interacts with his fans.

Needless to say, now all those singers want to be your buddies, they like what you like. Few people understood that at the time--even in the States. Hafiz would take requests from his in house fans. And they those fans get test, he can be testy back like he did when he lost his cool at someone who was making a ruckus.

He would also interact with his band--he is one of the few artists at the time to be allowed to conduct his own band and that's out of pure respect for his knowledge. Hafiz understood without the fans, he has nothing and without a loving band, he would give his fans next to nothing. See what I mean in the concert for one of his saddest songs.
عبد الحليم حافظ -- اي دمعة حزن لا - حفلة رائعة - كامل


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