Saturday, June 8, 2013

Poor Fateh Song As They Celebrate Their Anniversery

Fateh once stood for something, but now it's hard to tell what this once larger than life Palestinain faction stands for. If you ask their leaders, they may not be able to come with an answer. Sadly  most of their leaders now, or the ones with leadership roles get the OK from Israel to move around  Those people used to hide and do things that mattered.

Now, they only sell and buy things, they have turned into business people instead of revolutionaries and thinkers. It feels like the want the Palestinians to become consumers and not citizens. I know many people who have died believing in Fateh and its mission, too bad those people are no longer with us. This party is at war with itself, they send mixed messages confusing not only their members  but also the world.

As Fateh figure out what drives them, here's a some that makes you feel sorry for them. Ahmed Dari, is the voice behind this song--he sounds like he was a son of the movement--the same one he decries now. They are in a deep well says the song, it's a party to feel sorry for.

The song was removed!

غلبانة يا فتح - احمد داري


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