Thursday, June 27, 2013

Video: Arab Idol Mohammad Assaf Sings For #Egypt At The Airport

Minute 2:17 See Mohamad Assaf show Egypt some love, as a Palestinian and Arab he has so much pride inside him. As someone from Gaza, Egypt it means a lot more to them that many realize. The winner of Arab Idol lands in Cairo airport and then his Egyptian interviewer asks him to sing for Egypt. He does so right away. 

Best part the folks with him start singing along for Egypt. It's that famous Shadya song "Ya Habibity Ya Masr" this is the anthem of the new and the old Egypt. I know this was not staged and it was a real moment felt by Mohamad and those fans of his.

This means a lot to me because few Egyptians have expressed anger and jealousy from Mohammad as he won over the talented Ahmed Gamal. Ahmed Gamal and Mohammad Assaf are the best of friends and millions of Egyptians voted for Assaf too.  Haters gonna hate, and Assaf will keep on rocking.  

Mohammad is on his way to Cairo where he will fly out to Dubai for a song, then he shall retrun through Jordan to the West Bank for a song.    

Minute 2:17  when the song stars

لقاء مع محبوب العرب 2013 محمد عساف في مطار القاهرة


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