Sunday, June 30, 2013

Listen: Latifa New 2013 Single اغنية لطيفة - عشان محتاج

The elder Tunisian songstress Latifa is still idealist. And to that subject she has a new single, and I just do not feel she is making music from the heart anymore. I am certainly a fan and will always hold her to be a great entertainer, but not feeling that in the past six years she has challenged herself.

Her album was pretty fresh--the one she released with the Rahbany brothers. But since then, I do not think she has the energy even in her voice. Latifa is too important to let her go away, she has a good heart and most of all--a strong voice that can do opera songs, but you would not know it from her recent single "Because He/She Is In Need"

How do you guys feel about her? It might be that she has lost the spark, but I think it might be that all the good songs go to the million other Arab artists.

اغنية لطيفة - عشان محتاج

اغنية لطيفة - عشان محتاج
اغنية لطيفة - عشان محتاج | النسخة الاصلية | جديد 2


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