Wednesday, June 19, 2013

WATCH: Akon, Tamer Hosny, Pitbull (Arabian Nights) Directed by Tarik Freitekh (Miami)

Arab singer have have made pop songs in English before, in fairness, most of them suck. Now, Tamer Hosny is trying to do a couple of them. Currently he is filming a song which is titled Arabian Nights. A very stereotypical name indeed. He is talking about cultural exchange, but the music I hear is pretty shitty pop--I can be wrong here. This is part of the international album Tamer has been working on for about two years now. He and his wife Bassma have just been blessed with a little girl.

There are two international stars who appear in the music video Akon and Pitbull. As of what these two guys have in common with Arabian nights it beats me. He is going after American pop icons, something tells me he is investing so much money in this project that had him live in the States for almost a year. It seems they have a pharaoh theme....he is not an international star by any stretch. No matter how hard he thinks. The only people who know him are the ones who get paid to sing with him.

He is no longer the pop star he used to be prior to 2011. No success really to speak of. Tamer is trying to make a comeback with fireworks. While I admire his efforts to do something different, but I feel this is a waste of so much money. Tarik Freiteck is directing and they are in Miami in some palace, pool and crazy rides. The director calls his work genius. He also says that Shakira is a big fan of Tamer Hosny music. Rumors had it, they will be collaborating on a project.  

What do you think? What do you think of this trio where dancers do their thing? Is this Arab culture or is it Egyptian??

Akon, Tamer Hosny, Pitbull (Arabian Nights) Directed by Tarik Freitekh (Miami)


  1. that gay shit Tamer Hosny will never make it as a international wonna be artist.He is just a shitty copy cat. There is nothing real about him except his unibrow. He is a fake, arrogant, ugly, liar. He deserve only shit in life! And he got it through his prostitute wife. LOL And what makes him think that the world is waiting for a Egyptian? Is he the lost king of Pyramids that we have all been waiting for? I don't think so. That piece of shit needs to grow up and learn he is not God's present to the human raise. It shows how insecure he really is.

  2. He always just post video teaser. Not the actual video. Since 2011 he became a pop icon for 1 minute video teaser with different artists. His facebook fan site is full of pictures with him in america, posing with american artist. Yet, none of his projects come to light?! Snoop dog, T.I., J. Lo, Akorn, but where is the actual song with video? I don't understand his fan base. They just wait and wait for him to dropp a song but he don't.