Thursday, June 27, 2013

Listen: Lets' Revolt Song رامي صبري - إتحركوا - Ramy Sabry- Et7arako

Ramy Sabry strikes me as someone who likes the Mubark regime. I do not recall him talking about the revolution of January 25th and the change of regime. He is entitled to his opinion, and note how when he had the change he called for a revolt against the current regime under president Morsi.

He is asking folks to move, to take on the streets, give Egypt life, as those who wanted to do had their chance. It's a short song its lyrics were written by Tamer Hussein. As a clever move, this song is a bit vague, but I thought Ramy Sabry did not like politics, and I respected his wish to be kept away form politics, but this song confuses me.

I am certain he likes Egypt, and I am certain I like his new album and his attics, what I do not understand is his judgment here. His song will not make Egypt better, songs tend not to do that anyway. But change is coming.

رامي صبري - إتحركوا - Ramy Sabry- Et7arako


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