Monday, June 3, 2013

Party Like Samo Zaen Does In His Concerts

Samo Zaen buddied up with a Turkish DJ and he had him arrange one of his hit songs form last year. Together they appeared in a sold out concert in Sharm El Sheikh, close to the red sea for a concert. It seems the young people in attendance wanted a good time and Samo gave them just that.

This is an upbeat song, made for dance, I love how the DJ was the dance and cheer leader at the same time. Samo Zaen did his thing as well as he often does. This is a romance song, but the beat makes it perfect for the dancer in each one of us.

The lyrcis are those of Tamer Hussein, who has also helped with the music. To be fair, this is fresh sounding song, which is becoming more uncommon nowadays. The concert looks dope, with all the effects and sound system, it seemed like a great times to have.

Betehlawwy - Samo Zaen بتحلوى - حفله - ساموزين


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