Sunday, June 23, 2013

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He heard his name as the winner for Arab Idol second season and keeled on the floor to show gratitude for this thing he will have to get used now. His gesture showed his character and many people even those who hate the show thought he was showing humility. After the show went off air, they had a press conference with the head of MBC, the judges and the winner Mohammad Assaf

This was a night to remember, he brought so much joy to so many around the world who need it at those dark times. This 23 years old man deserves the tittle, he worked the hardest for it, and I am sure he will get better as he works on more projects. He is now the first mainstream Arab celebrity who came from Palestine and lived in Palestine.

And those those who are talking trash by saying things like, "Did her liberate Palestine?" I talk back to them and say, "Why do not you go ahead and do something that can make Palestine look good!" Can you do that?

On another note, I wish Assaf had a prepared speech for this occasion, he seemed to only utter words from here and there, and I do not blame him, Cameras and live broadcast can mess you up.

Arab Idol - محمد عساف - أغنية الفوز


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