Sunday, June 30, 2013

Singer Hamaki Who Sang For The King of #Bahrain Demonstrates Against #Egypt Morsi

Pop star Mohammad Hamaki makes pop songs that have many fans around the Arab world. When it comes to his politics, most people do not care. But I happen to remember his song for the king of Bahrain who was (and still) murdering people in his country. Hamaki took the money and sang for the ruthless king.

But at home he seems either to not understand democracy or resent it. Now he has been busy selling soft drinks to the masses in Egypt. Now he is taking part of the streets (he is not the only one) asking the democratically elected president Morsi to go home. I recall Hamaki was not supportive of the January 25th revolution. He did not even speak about it in public.

However now, he is ready to take on his country's president and asking him to leave his office. He is not a man of principles and he should not forget that his house is made of glass. Other celebrities to march against Morsi is a well-known Syrian actor--the one with grey hair.

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