Monday, June 3, 2013

The Very Strong Case For Fadwa Almalki

Fadwa Almalki is a strong voice from Morocco who is hungry for your attention. I think she deserves your full attention. For a strong female voice to do a pop song in Egyptian is so much not fair, she can do more complex songs, but Egypt is always a lovely place to sing to.

She won a singing title across the Kingdom and has been dazzling the audience for a decade now. In 1999 Egypt called her and gave her an ward for her performance of those Oum Kaltoum oldies. Her debut album came in 2002 and she filmed one music video in Istanbul  She followed it with a 2006 album. Since then she has been working on singles that keep her in the loop.

She is a fixture of Moroccan music festivals and she in demand. She has also sang for Palestine in Doha. She is one of the very few ladies to perform in Saudi Arabia's biggest music festival Al Jandarya. She has recorded many Moroccan songs, she has recorded in Amman Jordan as well as other Arab capitals.

She is a strong voice that the Khalij has called her to do songs for their TV dramas. She does a great job singing in the local dialects since she grew up listening to old songs for that region. She is an award-wiing songstress with all the makings of a diva. She has already performed alongside Mohamed Abdu's Arabia's biggest living Saudi legend  She is well known among other artists who appreciate her voice and her style. Fadwa is well traveled and so is her songs.

 فدوى المالكي - فكرة غلط / فيديو كليب 2013