Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Nay Sleiman Khaliji Single ناي سليمان ابو قليبي 2013

Nay Sleiman is quietly expanding her appeal, the Lebanese pop songstress is celebrating with her  friends a new Khaliji single. There seems to be no stigma of making a song for the affluent Gulf. So far the Gulf has not protested the new single, the are just happy to see a blonde giving them attention.

They do have to give Nay's manger a call to book her for a wedding or a concert. Otherwise, she won't be giving them any more of her time or attention. But Nay has also been busy doing concerts in Atlantic City where she has a good friend (George Dfouni)

As for this song, it's not as half bad. I like the beat, I think Nay did a decent job with this tough dialect.
ناي سليمان ابو قليبي 2013


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