Friday, May 31, 2013

WATCH: Official Music Video "Eyyam" Warda AL Jazayria - HD / وردة الجزائرية - إيام

A team of Algerian talents, and family members of the late Algerian icon Warda got together to bring out her last song, this was never released before. And to be true to the song, this had to be a very fine production worthy of the late diva. The song and the music video were released in the first anniversary of her departure. Her son and his sister took over the project and they seem very protective of their mother and her legacy.

The song is about the days, and the pain one sees. The song is about do overs and second chances. Had we knew our ends, we would not have been mad with people. Thins would have been eased and fixed among family and friends. A good song with incredible lyrics.

The surprise was the use of the animation and in reverse footage about the time. I love the affects and the fine blending between the real and the virtual stories. Well done folks, they have made a song that makes one wants to watch and learn. The music video shows family members caught in fights and Pickering not realizing that all of us have numbed days here. .The Algerian flag flies high and the so many stories told deliver an emotional experience. Not to forget the epic war scene and the transition.

The director came from a background with cinema as he is a movie maker who felt honored to be in charge of this project. Aside from that, the acting and the talents accept nothing but their finest performance--even the little girl. Algeria is making a big step in honoring one of its one of the better known icons. There are moments where it's not a shame to tear up as you watch the stories unfold.

This song closes one of the proudest chapters in the Arabic song! It's the chapter where the fireworks fly high into the sky and never leave.



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