Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Amr Diab Crazy Hair Day Edition

I think it was 2003 when Amr Diab filmed a music video in London and we saw a whole new shade of crazy hair from Amr Diab. I know the press made fun of the hair and likened the pop star and kin of pop to a famous Egyptian actress that has a similar hair--they were right.

Amr Diab did not do the crazy hair ever since, but then last month he was in London celebrating with the UAE a day of friendship with the United Kingdom. He was seated next to David Beckham, the famed footballer and celebrity. But the one thing that stole the show the strange Amr Diab hair. His hair looks like its doing its own thing.

Was that braided hair and what's that object on his hair? A very stupid look really. I know Amr Diab doe snot shy away from new things, he is a fun person and a bankable hit-maker who now lives in Dubai. But the hair thing was a loser in my own conclusion as the press had a field day with it.

Ana Ayesh - making - Part 2 - Amr Diab انا عايش - عمرو دياب

Ana Ayesh - making - Part 1 - Amr Diab انا عايش - عمرو دياب


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