Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sa'd Ramadan The New Romantic Kid On The Block

Saad Ramadan is a clever young singer with a lot of talent, he has no albums to his name, but he is a hit-maker in the traditional sense. He does singles and those singles do wonders to his fans. The guy put on a good show, and what's better than an incredibly handsome man who can carry a romantic song.

Look o further than his new single which is meant for the superstitious people of the Arab world. Arabs fear the evil eye and they blame all their troubles and woes on them. And this is why Saad Ramadan is talking about the evil eye that ruined their seemingly perfect life with tons of equally good looking friends  riches and an awesome villa.

I have come to learn Saad is no stuck up person and he has a great sense of humor--he often tells jokes on his Facebook page. I really believe in Saad, I think he is one classy young man whose style is made perfect for him. I hope he keeps going in those tough times for every Arab.

Sa'd Ramadan - Ein W Sabet / سعد رمضان - عين وصابت


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