Friday, May 31, 2013

A Music Legend You Must Know Ellie Shweiri ايلي شويري

Ellie Shweiri is the son of Beirut, he was born and came to sing in the era of Oum Kalthoum and Mohammed Abdel Wahab and other legends, he is one of the shaper of Lebanese song early on. He is a beloved hit maker of Lebanese song with amazing Arabic melodies that he crafted.

Ellie has also sang many songs for Lebanon and its beauty. As his mom was dressing him up to go to school, they would listen to the old songs on the record player. His home was surrounded by olive trees and natural scenes. His career took off in Kuwait when he was visiting and ended up in the radio playing his songs with the help of other Egyptian and Kuwaiti composers.

In 1963 he would be on a music festival with his band at home. Then he met the beloved Lebanses composer Romeo Lahoud who promised to give him a role in one of his plays, then he would meet the house of Rahabni who will help him get his name out there as he honed his talent. He would act and sing in 25 plays with the production of the Rahbani brothers.

Years later he would go it alone and record his own work and express his frustrations with the 1975 civil war in Lebanon. He would meet Sabah and he would collaborate with her. Then the Syrian government calls on him for concerts. He had so many of them and his fame and lifestyle improves.

He has a sweet voice made for flirty romantic songs, he would also give songs to Magda El Roumi, Sabah and Samira Tawfik seek him. His best pal is composer Melhim Barakat as they share a lot in common. He is a legend among his peers, and his true talent lives one shaping young minds. He has more than 1500 works, addressed issues of romance, humanity, and patriotism.

Ellie comments on issues of the day like he did in January 2012 when he blamed Gulf money for ruining Arabic music heritage. He strikes me as an Arab nationalist, he is a dreamer who belived Arabs Muslims and Christians can create a wonderful world together.

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