Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fayez Al Saeed, Great Composer, Weak Singer

The UAE's most serious music talent Fayez Al Said tries to be too many things at the time time. He may be good at wearing too many hate, but the reality is far too complex. He is a busy composer--his melodies are the best thing to come out of the UAE's music scene. 6 out of 10 songs made in the Gulf, he has put his golden touches on.

With his new album out, he is pushing a new music video for that album. A lackluster pop song that falls flat and feels bland. It may be popular with some of his fans in the Gulf region, but a good song should not be limited to one region and not the other--there are many good Khaliji songs that make it out West. In the local scene  they have to come across as the conservative and traditional homeboy, but for the ones viewing them for the outside  they want to be hip and relevant.This kind of bipolar attitude complicate the marketing.

Fayez is a cool guy and he tries too hard to come across as one, but he does not really need to try that hard. We get it, he likes the club, scene he likes to dance and look good. Something about males in that part of the world, they would rather be goofy than be good. He has had better songs, but this song might be made for merely his fans.  

 فايز السعيد - دق هيوة / فيديو كليب 2013


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