Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Assi Hallani Sends #Egypt Some Love

The Egyptian House of Opera is the big league for Arab entertainers, most would give a leg to perform there, because of its history. Many awesome Arabic names have stood there toe to toe next to Egyptians legends of music.

I feel mediocre Egyptian names can stand on its stage, but for Arab ones they have to do something out of this world. Assi Hallani was one of those names who stood on that stage, and see her do a cover of a beloved Egyptian patriotic classic about Arab unity.

Assi Hallani is a dreamer about Arab unity and he has sang for it on his own terms, he is a proud Lebanese but he has always talked about the aspiration of the Arab people. See him channel his innter Abdel Halim in this classic about swearing by the sky and the soil of the land.

عاصي الحلاني - أغنية أحلف بسماها و بترابها - دار الأوبرا Assi El Hallani


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