Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Arab Idol Trio's New Classy Hit Song #كارمن سليمان , #دنيا_بطمة, #يوسف_عرفات - عظمة على عظمة

They are talented, and they are young. They won Arab Idol, and their names are Yousef Arfat, Dounya Batema, Carmin Suliman and they want to give us a history lesson on Arabic music and the figures who made it the thing we love--or hate.

They have a pan Arab list of names most Arabs know and resepct. This song has been in the works for close to six months, but it released few days ago. It has a fun feel, the young folks will love seing their celebrties, but the older ones will like the walking down the memory lane.

It's nice to see the three young artists come together for this song, I am certain the producers at MBC's music arm paid some serious cash toproduce this song and it has already been showered with Youtube love.

#كارمن سليمان , #دنيا_بطمة, #يوسف_عرفات - عظمة على عظمة


  1. Nice post, but it's Dounia Batma, not Diana Batema LOL

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