Thursday, May 30, 2013

WATCH: Najwa Karam - Ykhalili Albak Clip BEST Music Video / نجوى كرم - كليب يخليلي قلبك

The number one Lebanese diva who counts among her fan base, the young and old. the home boy and the pretty boy, the guy and the gal, Najwa Karam has a new music video out and no surprise she looks at her finest. And the music video follows a sold out concert in Morocco's largest music festival.

You cannot really overlook her fashion and her style, she always knows how to rock the boat and her outfits are often classy and stunning at the same time. She is the diva Lebanon loves so much, yet she does not get up on one's face about her stature. A great comeback music video that will cheer up her fan base.

This is a love song where passion and innocent love meet, I love some of the sets in the music video, they have so much colors and go well with her red dress. Najwa is one of those pop stars whom the camera fears not the other way around. Did you see that white dress and gorgeous makeup work she sports? Not to skip the fun dances that keep the music video energizing.

And at the end, she lives up to her name, the sun of the Arabic song. I think this is the best work I have seen for Lebanese director Fadi Haddad who has hits and misses.

Najwa Karam - Ykhalili Albak Clip / نجوى كرم - كليب يخليلي قلبك


  1. She is seriously the best singer in today's times. <3