Wednesday, May 22, 2013

O Mohammad Operetta أوبريت هذا محمد

Light operas are meant to be huge, they are often used in Arabic to describe a song where at least three vocalists sing together. There are many of them and artists usually donate their fees to make such a huge productions possible. Arab entertainers record them, when there is something going wrong, war on Iraq/Palestine/Lebanon/Syria or somewhere else they care about.

They have also made them for religious reasons, like the one you will see below, a song in defense of prophet Muhammad. Those are the voices of some big names in the Gulf area, like Mohammad Abdu, Hussien Al Jassimi, Fayez Al Said as well as others. A large number of Munshdeen Capella singers who sing religious songs have helped with the project. The music belongs to Fayez Al Said.  

The music is kept to minimal, in order to draw in the more orthodox Muslims. It's a poem that sing praises to the Prophet peace be upon him. It reads like a poem. This is not a new song, it was recorded on February of 2012. The production is for the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

I think the song wanted to be made quickly, so no other Arab singers were invited to record along side the Khaliji artists. It tells some of the highlights in the prophet's life, his struggle and his message.

أوبريت هذا محمد أداء أسامه الصافي - حسين الجسمي وآخرون


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