Monday, May 20, 2013

WATCH: Amr Diab - 30 Years of Success

Amr Diab is the one pop star from a different breed. Here's a video that chronicles his past success for the last 3 decades. Since he was a young man, how you wanted to be big times, and how he pulled it off. I love hte interview portion with the people who knew him back when he was a skinny guy who had a dream.

Amr Dian is Mr. untouchable. We can agree or disagree on his last two albums, but love him or hate him, he knows how to sell an album, a concert and promote products. He has not aged, and he looks ripped like hell, whatever he is doing he has been doing it very well. Egypt loves him along with them hundreds of millions around the world know and respect him.

Amr Diab did well for the musicians who work with him, but as for introducing new talents he has done little. Do you know any singers whom he has helped make it? No, but I know tend of musicians whose work with Amr Diab made them sexy. He is also a sharp dresser, he know his way around the camera--directors hate that, but he knows his business.

Throughout his career he is the pharmacy that we go to to cure some of our ills or preserve some of our joys. He is a dealer of whatever emotional state we are experiencing. There are other talents out there, but so far the only next Amr Diab is the one and the only Amr Diab who is about to released his final album with Rotana.

Amr Diab - 30 Years of Success"English Subtitle" عمرو دياب - 30 عاماً من النجاح


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