Monday, May 27, 2013

WATCH: Cyrine Abdel Nour - Habaybi {HOT}/ سيرين عبد النور - حبايبي

The Lebanese entertainer with the most perfect face, the cross talented actress, songstress and so much more Cyrine Abdel Nour is out with her new music video for the song that released few months ago about the loved on in her life. It's a happy song about those who make our life worth living.

The drama is present in the music video and the fancy shots make it a fairy-tale not your average music video. Cyrine brings out her good looks, energy and best positive outlook in life to make this song stand out--she really has not made a new song in years, so it makes since for the artist to go out for this song that hit it big.

I do not know where they filmed it--but my guess somewhere on the Mediterranean. The styles and fashion for the artist is another testament to her  high class taste.

Cyrine Abdel Nour - Habaybi / سيرين عبد النور - حبايبي


  1. I think it's in Greece...
    Cyrine is wonderful as usual <3