Wednesday, May 1, 2013

#MJK Haifa Wehbe Goes To Erbil Iraq

The Iraqi city of Erbil has placeditself as the alternative capital of Iraq. Dozens of Arab stars go there forconcerts, this time they had a great time with MJK, Haifa Wehbe. Her concert was an appearance with Hatem El Iraqi who rocked the night next to the pop lady of Lebanon. This was a funconcrt and it was not cheap.

They held a press confrence and spoke about being there, and how much they love the city, its people and the dialect. Haifa said she may release an Iraqi song if she has the right material. Haifa promised to put forth a good show, not just a concert.

 هيفاء وهبي لأول مرة في أربيل مع حاتم العراقي


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