Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hassan Ramzy Delivers The Nile Delta Blues "One of Us"

Something that sounds like that world famous Mississippi River Delta Blues, but he is near another delta, the Nile Delta. He is good with a guitar, and he is not trying his hand on singing. I think he is luck...what you think of his original song "One Of Us"

Hassan Ramzy is a growing Egyptian musician who mainly plays guitar and sings. he prefers almost all types of Acoustic, Rock and Blues. He writes and composes his own music but also likes to cover other artists. Biography I've been playing music since about 2004. I say he's got the blues fever and has managed to bring it to tell an Egyptian story.

Hassan composes and write his own songs, as well as cover many others. I am currently Majoring in Psychology, but hope to pursue a career in music! So he is doing music as a hobby now, but if the math is right, he will be doing more of it. The story he tells her is a cry against President Morsi.

Hassan Ramzy - One of Us (Original Song)


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