Tuesday, May 7, 2013

WATCH: The Most Awkward Interview On Sister Soup

The three sisters who are hosting Sisters Soup had a guest, and it seems that neither party liked the company of the other. Saudi Waad seems to be an awkward person who has little respect for the presenters. She seems to be off. The three sisters who host the show Mai Selim--sings and acts; Mais Hamdan--sings, acts and hosts she also tells jokes. And the lesser known sister Dana. The show airs on OSN and MBC and the first season had 17 episodes.

I felt that the three ladies had to have Waad on and she seems not to be there. Nobody seems to be want to listen, each side the hostesses and the guest wanted to talk and talk. They kept interjecting one another. This is a high estrogen interview and the show has some fun segments. I am not sure if they show sucks or Waad is lousy guest. Waad has a fashion store in Beirut, and she sings--but I do not remember one hit of hers.

Waad trashed non Khaliji singers who do songs in that dialect. She seems to be angry at many Lebanese ladies who have made songs in that dialect. She seems to think no one understands her own dialect. Waad seems to shout a lot and lacks courtesy toward her fellow entertainers. It might be that she lacks tact or social skills, but the hostesses tried to keep the show flowing.

Sisters Soup - Ep5 - Part3 / وعد في سيسترز سوب - الحلقة 5 - جزء 3

Sisters Soup - Ep5 - Part5 / وعد في سيسترز سوب - الحلقة 5 - جزء 5


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