Friday, May 24, 2013

What's Your Favorite Song By Elissa?

I have taken a car ride for thirteen hours and so I was able to listen to a lot of great songs--Roa likes the Lebanese happy songs with a hint of sadness I like most songs, until they start to shout or the music gets too noisy. Some nice and soft songs work well fro the road, but then sometimes you need something that keeps you alert and not put your eyes or your mind to sleep.

But among the song selection I planed, was one particular song by Elissa that stood out to me. It might be the right moment or the sitting, but I felt the song was one of her finer choices where one can see she makes you believe the lyrics and the emotions she invokes. She has made scores of good songs, some of them get weaker with time, others only sound better with time.

You might not even be a fan of hers, but surely, she has one song that speaks to you.

So, the song is below and before it a piece of poetry and then the song comes--Law Baseet Odamak---I'm Right In Front Of Your Eyes. I found the song to be very real and the poetry right before it kicks in, sets the mood. What do you think of this song and what other worthy songs of her that you like? Please share.

لوبصيت لاليسا بالشعر


  1. Also in my top 10 favourite songs by Elissa

  2. My favorite one is Law ma teji...