Thursday, May 30, 2013

WATCH: The Gender Song #قصي - حواء | Qusai Feat. Ayzee - EVE

Saudi rapper who rapped in America continues his way of bringing about the inevitable change by bringing out a song about them ladies. It's a smooth rap song about the role of genders in one man's life. It's a complex subject and rappers have historically have no been the greatest to talk about women.

Eve, is the title of this song. I like the Ayzee he brings something fresh and something more R&B to the track. This is a good single from a guy whose roots are well known but also knows the role of women should be strengthened. There are so many ladies in the music video but they maintain their respect and dignity throughout the song.

I like the tribute and I like how he recognizes all the achievements of them Arab women. And the freedoms they have secured.  
#قصي - حواء | Qusai Feat. Ayzee - EVE


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