Monday, May 27, 2013

The Intriging Rap Of Mc Gaza

Rappers get little respect and appreciation in Palestine, yet the never stop rapping about Palestine and the issues of concern to them. Mc Gaza is one of those young men living in Gaza and rappi9ng about his frustration. He loves a place that has never shown him a good day. A place that did little for him other than toughing him up.

I think Mc Gaza is really talented with the flow and the rage. He is fast dropping those dazzling lines of his songs. I am a fan of how he comes us with those poetic and clever raps he crafts. He has little resources and virtually no support yet he is quietly building his fan base using the social media as a primary outlet.

See him rap about coming back to Gaza, with all its imperfection and misery, home is calling.
Mc Gaza - I'm Back To You (video)


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