Friday, May 17, 2013

The Heart Warming Eulogy Songs By Shi'ite Muslims The art form is known as "العزاء" أو "الشيلات" أو "اللطميات"

There's a little known art common in places like Iraq, Iran and wherever Shi'ite Muslims live. This art form is a way to retell a story of the murders of many members of the house of the prophet on the hands of a group of delusional Muslims.

The art form is known as "العزاء" أو "الشيلات" أو "اللطميات" Latmyyat or Shilat. And they have no standard language. They tell the story of the final hours and the heroic stand those men and women made during a battle they did not chose. I found out about this art form because it seems that many A list Iraqi singers have been ripping music from those songs and making that music into pop songs.

The believers gather on certain dates and celebrate together as they mourn the death of those men and women. They sing their stories and plea on them for help. Those are heart breaking stories of the story of Hassan Hussein and their father Ali and their grandfather prophet Mohammad. People slap themselves as they hear those stories others cut themselves as they try to connect with the stories.

Those are often poems performed by a person with good voice and then a group backs him up vocally. They sound like well-written eulogies for great men and women.

 لطميات 2013 خادم اهل البيت وليد العبودي

علي الفاطمي _ عباس البطل 2012


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