Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Happy New Year Song For Arabs By Dolly Shahine

The Lebanese Brazilian pop songstress Dolly Shahine is about to usher in a new year. To ring in the year, Dolly Shahine has released a fun song for this occasion. I am impressed by the new single and Dolly sounds at her best in a really long time. She was made a star to do these kind of songs and she has delivered a song that will be around for some time.

I love the Arabic lyrics  not so much the English part, but I am certain Arabs who speak English will be heads over heels for it. She is wishing change to come, people to fall in love once again. Just have a little bit of fun and forget all the pain.I like the portion about her wish to see people breaking their fear from one another.

The Happy New Year as the song has been titled is rightfully.
دوللي شاهين- سنة سعيدة


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